Welcome to the New World

No one is really sure how long it has been since the last tribes made it to this continent, or just what is left of the world beyond. Some say it has been a thousand years, others rumor it has only been a few generations. One thing is for certain though, the world has changed dramatically, but any records of the world we had are long gone along with the knowledge that we had gained as a species. There are new ways to survive and to die as humanity has evolved over the course of the exodus, leaving us with those that can manipulate the energies around them.

What is this Game?

This is a custom game world designed around a custom D20 system. I am currently in development of the system, so this campaign world is developing along with it. The idea is to take the best parts of D20 (simplicity of statistics, combat and comparative values) and add in the things that a lot of people want (class-less, level-less system with massive amounts of customization). I hate to compare to GURPS, but in a way I’m designing this to be a somewhat universal D20 system alternative for those that don’t want level-based systems and prefer a more open progression of characters.

What is this Campaign Setting, then?

The campaign setting, without giving too much away too quickly, is Earth, long after a cataclysmic event that forever altered the planet in a multitude of ways (most of which you just won’t know about). Humanity has evolved to a point where there are people who have started exhibiting genetic traits that make them different from traditional humans – adapted senses, natural abilities, even what could be called magic, in the form of psychically manifested powers. The game will feature a full 3D “altered earth” model that will be exposed as more of the world is explored through the game (yes, that means it will be a “living” campaign world) and the events of games can and will have important effects on the game world itself.

ZOMG! This sounds awesome… but… where is everything?

I’m not one to throw a bunch of stuff out before it’s ready to be tested, so if you find yourself reading this and are interested, awesome. Feel free to contact me and I’ll put you on a list. Eventually I’ll likely push this out there for actual financial backing and hopefully get this all published, but for now, if you get onto my list, then you’ll be in the beta campaign lists – meaning you may get to play a part in developing the core world of this campaign setting and game!

Anyway, thank you for coming by. Check back frequently – you never know when I’ll suddenly have 100 pages of information up here for everyone! :P

Terra Artifex